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We love travel and love the planet!

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Wednesday 11th September 2019


We love travel and love the planet!

You may wonder why we’re writing and posting about travel. It’s a human inevitability to want to wander to some far off land in the search of adventure or find a place closer to home to catch some much needed rest. Another reason we love travel is it allows us to learn and experience more of the many wonders of this world. However, our desire to travel can also have less positive effects. 

What are the effects of travel?

According to World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), 2018 saw a 6% rise in international travellers and they estimate 1.45 billion international travellers in 2019. That’s an incredible number and has a wide-ranging scope of effects on this planet. 

People – no matter how well-intentioned, have a tendency to add unwanted items to the environment. According to The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) an estimate of 4.8 million tonnes, 14 per cent of all solid waste, is produced each year solely by tourists.We don’t want people to stop travelling. We want to enjoy the positive benefits of travel while also feeling good about our impact on the planet and what we’re leaving behind for future generations to discover.

What can I do to help?

So how can we take action? There are certain steps we can all take to reduce the waste left by all those tourists wandering around the globe – they’re all just people like us, after all. A lot of these are simple swaps to your travel accessories and we’ve created a list to help you discover them. 

1. Re-useable bags

Everyone likes to find a bargain or do a little shopping to discover local foods and unique items. So don’t forget to pack a few reusable bags for when you wander through the local markets.

2. BYOB – Bring your own bottle

Plastic bottles are among the most common waste products out there. Keeping a re-fillable BPA-free water bottle with you goes a long way in reducing that waste. 

3. Do not disturb

When staying in hotels, there is an offering of many daily luxuries, such as fresh sheets and towels or having your laundry done. Put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door and reduce the amount of electricity and cleaning chemicals used to provide these services.

4. Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap bars

You can now get Shampoo bars and Conditioner bars just like soap bars. This goes a long way to cutting down the plastic shampoo/conditioner/shower gel bottles that many people discard.

5. Reusable makeup wipes

Disposable makeup wipes are convenient, but unfortunately they are bad for our environment. Switch to reusable makeup wipes and then just wash-rinse and repeat.

6. Organic Suncream

Suncream is filled with chemicals that are harmful to marine life. Every time you go swimming these chemicals wash off you and into the sea. Choosing a natural SPF is a kind way to keep yourself protected from the sun while not causing harm to marine life.

7. Kindle

Travel with a kindle. You’ll be saving the trees and reducing your waste into the environment. It does take some getting used to reading from a kindle, but then again it also means you have less weight to carry in your travel bag. 

8. Reusable Snack Bags

Instead of using foil or clingfilm, which simply add to the waste problem, opt for a reusable snack bag. They are waterproof and eco-friendly and can be washed and used again, ready for your next big picnic adventure.

9. Reusable Cutlery

When you’re on the go, a great addition to your travel pack is reusable cutlery. Generally, fast food places will give you plastic cutlery, so next time you’re out, remember to take your reusable cutlery with you.

10. Bamboo Toothbrushes

As an essential travel item, your toothbrush is probably one of the easiest swaps you can make. Single-use plastic toothbrushes are a big environmental waste problem because we replace them so often. Bamboo toothbrushes offer a biodegradable* alternative to plastic toothbrushes.

If you want to start using a bamboo toothbrush we can help! 

Brush your teeth with something that feels good to use while also doing good for the environment. As a bonus, you’re also doing something toward minimising the impact of plastic waste on all those beautiful travel locations.



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